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Kim Stephens

An engineer-planner, Kim Stephens has more than four decades of experience. This covers the continuum of water resource and infrastructure engineering issues and applications, from master planning and modelling to implementation of capital projects. He specializes in public policy and professional development, and has played a leadership role in a series of initiatives in British Columbia.

John Finnie

A civil and environmental engineer, John Finnie has over 40 years of water, wastewater and solid waste regulatory and utility management experience with the BC Ministry of Environment and the Regional District of Nanaimo. John received the first BCWWA Leadership in Water Sustainability Award for his accomplishments, in particular for his work in championing the Regional District of Nanaimo Drinking Water & Watershed Protection initiative.

A View from Washington State

"You do a great job of connecting dots! These dots happen to be glowing red and close together (and thus easy to connect), but you have demonstrated the ability to bring folk together that ordinarily don’t want to see dots connected. Keep up the good work," praises Tom Holz.