About the Lifetime Category of Membership in the Partnership

"The Lifetime Members category recognizes the contributions of key individuals who have played a pivotal role in the genesis and/or evolution of the Partnership. These individual still have a role to play in contributing their knowledge and wisdom," reports Tim Pringle.

Kevin Lagan

Through collaboration, the four Comox Valley local governments are striving for a coordinated approach to watershed-based rainwater management in the Comox Valley and across boundaries. There is region-wide commitment to develop Watershed Blueprints. Kevin Lagan’s leadership helped make this possible.

Dale Wall

Dale Wall embraced the long term benefits of a new idea. In essence he was supportive of innovation with potential, as he saw it, both within and outside of government. In particular, his staunch support and timely participation in the Green Infrastructure Partnership provided the 'convening for action' initiative with credibility.

John Finnie

Under the stellar leadership of John Finnie as Chair of CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island, the success of the CAVI initiative built a practitioner network and the credibility with local government that in large part made it possible to incorporate the Partnership for Water Sustainability as a not-for-profit society in November 2010.

Paul Ham

Under Paul Ham’s leadership, the Green Infrastructure Partnership achieved a great deal - for example, the Showcasing Innovation Series helped local government practitioners immeasurably by creating forums for them to share their experiences and lessons learned. This created a ripple effect that spurred even more innovation.

Erik Karlsen

A decade ago, Erik Karlsen crafted a series of 'think-pieces' that shone the spotlight on what it means to convene for action and move from awareness to practice. He has the ability to assess the situation as it is and develop a roadmap for going forward based upon realistic assumptions. The work he did in the area of leading and managing change is standing the test of time.

John Sidnell

John’s experience covers the full range of engineering practice, from developing master plans and municipal design criteria to implementing both piped and natural drainage systems. He walks the talk. He re-landscaped his own property to restore the absorptive capacity of the ground.