2017 Annual Report for the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia

“Changes to the BC Societies Act have meant changes to our Constitution and By-laws to bring us into alignment with the new Act and to carry out some house-cleaning to be more effective and efficient in our general operations. Part of these changes have meant a clarification around ‘membership’ and to review the need for additional directors. The board currently comprises seven (7) directors. These changes were discussed at a directors’ meeting in October and were passed by special resolution,” stated Derek Richmond.

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INFLUENCING CHANGE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: “In effect we are being challenged to re-assess our thinking regarding how we practice water management in the 21st century,” stated Eric Bonham when commenting on the legacy of the Partnership for Water Sustainability

“Future planners, engineers, scientists, politicians and citizens alike will be called upon to demonstrate both vision and pragmatism, working as a team towards consensus, commitment and collaboration for the common good. Such collaboration is essential and must cross all political and community boundaries given that climate change is no respecter of such creations. The Partnership has accepted this challenge and its implementation,” stated Eric Bonham.

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